Roserve works on the philosophy of “Cost of Recycled Water = Cost of Wastewater Treatment & Recycle - Cost of Freshwater Replaced”.

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We focus on innovation towards wastewater management solutions which become the growth engines for the firms at all stages.

We are a company focussed towards the provision of leasing and renting solutions for wastewater treatment to Micro-Macro scale industries and enterprises. We offer customised solutions as per the needs and requirements of the client for the smooth functioning of the wastewater treatment plant.

Some of our offerings include:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) for Recycling
  • Waste Heat Evaporator (WHE)
  • Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)
  • Operating lease solutions to meet Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Roserve is a water treatment service provider that works on the concept of cost efficiency in water recycling through lease and rent.

Roserve is a joint venture between Concord Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd. and Danish Climate Investment Fund (DCIF). Founded in August 2016, this unique branch of Concord offers wastewater management solutions to industries across a vast range, such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Automobiles and more
Turbaashu Bhattacharya

Mr. Turbaashu Bhattacharya

Business Head


Roserve has become India’s most trusted Wastewater Management Solution provider. Along with our ‘Pay Per Use’ Model, our leasing and renting solutions have multiple folds, such as:

Initial Stage Benefits

  • No initial capital Investment
  • No Installation cost
  • 3-7 year term service agreement
  • Wastewater management as per your needs & requirements

Mid-Stage Benefits

  • Customised ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Solutions
  • Technological upgradation during the service agreement period, with minimal service charges
  • End to end equipment solutions under one single window

Other Benefits

  • Periodic maintenance & servicing of plants
  • No requirement of collateral security
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